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Welcome to Batam Ferry Tickets Website. We Have 4 Ferrys From Singapore to Batam Island and Vice Versa.
It is a Mere 45 to 70 Minutes Ferry Ride Fom Singapore to Batam and Vice Versa

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Majestic ferry

Majestic ferry
Majestic Fast Ferry booking Singapore to/from Batam. Daily departs from Harbourfront, Tanah Merah, Batam Center, Sekupang, and Etc.

Horizon Fast ferry

Horizon ferry
Horizon Fast ferry, With the inspiration and wise vision of the Horizon Fast Ferry Founder, he aims to provide a privilege ferry ride experience for all.

Batam Fast Ferry

Batam Fast ferry
With Batam Fast Ferry, Spend your dining experiences at the best restaurants, combining a blend of the world's gourmet flavors.

Sindo Ferry

Sindo Ferry
Sindo ferry is the largest ferry operator in Singapore, offering daily trips to Batam island, Tg. Balai (Karimun) and Tg. Pinang (Bintan Island).

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There are a combined number of 102 ferry crossings each day across a selection of 7 Ferry Routes which are operated by 4 ferry companies including Sindo Ferry,
Horizon Fast Ferry, Batam Fast Ferry & Majestic Fast Ferry with the shortest crossing taking around 50 minutes (HarbourFront Centre to Sekupang).

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